HP-UX Tips & Tricks

Gotta confess that installing HP-UX 11i on my Series 9000/856 E55 was not much of a problem after I managed to setup the Mux controller and the terminal correctly. In fact I didn't manage to make the HP terminal communicate with the Mux controller, so I just got a FreeBSD powered PC and used 'cu' for the serial communication. After powering on the HP machine, you should get a message like "To discontinue, press any key within 10 seconds", moment in which you need to press a key. Then it's time to search for the possible boot devices (with the search command). The results (on my computer) look like:
  Path Number           Device Path              Device Type
  -----------           -----------              -----------
  P0                    56/36.0   (dec)          LAN Module
  P1                    56/52.2   (dec)          Random access media       
  P2                    56/52.5   (dec)          Random access media       
  P3                    56/52.6   (dec)          Random access media       
  P4                    60/6.0   (dec)           LAN Module

Obviously, the "Random access media" devices are the HDDs and the CDROMs, in my case the CDROM being P1. So I can boot from the cdrom using 'boot p1'. The rest of the installation process was relatively painless...
When you want to install via network from another HP-UX box running Ignite-UX, you have to: "boot lan. install", where "" is the IP of the server running Ignite-UX.
As for configuring the machine, I have mostly used 'sam', which is pretty nice.

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